November 26, 2011

25 November 2011 - WonderfuL day

Posted by Sylvia Presley at 7:34 AM
Hello All..
Happy Teacher's Day ...

Do u know ?Today is a special day..why i said like tat ?cekidot*

Today is the last year i celebrate teacher's day with friends :(

next year,half of my friends must continue their study in another city..FIGHTING a succesfull person ^^ i know "we can do it"

now,i want to tell u why i call today is a special day :
first,we spent our time with our teachers in school
Take pictures with our teachers

w/ our physics's teacher - Mr. J.Girsang

w/ Computer's Teacher - Sir.William Johan & Mandarin's Teacher from Beijing - Miss.Yang Sen Nan

they looked like couple,rite ?xoxoo ~

w/ Indonesian Language Teacher's - Mr.S.Purba

w/ our Mandarin's Teacher - Miss.Shuxin

we went to hospital..we're visited our Sport's Teacher - Mr. Edi Simanjuntak..

we had promised our Mandarin's teacher to help her finishing a video..
we finished it about 30minutes..
after it,we spent our time to take some pictures..


and it's me . Gao Xing means happy ^^

and the last event is Nova's Birthday..
we made a little surprise to her,
we sent her to toilet and flushed her with toilet's water .hahayy,,,~ she got wet!and flushed us's funny... can't forget tiz moment :p
Happy Birthday to Novarina . have a blast :)

with ♥,
Sylvia Presley
SMILE always ^^


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