December 21, 2012


Posted by Sylvia Presley at 11:10 AM

hello december,hello everyone,first i wanna say HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all mothers in this world ,and specially to my lovely Mommy, wishing you have a good luck,always healthy,and happy forever,love you very much

anw, it's been a few months since the last post. if anyone has noticed it ?hehe..
almost every day busy in my college days,made me can't update my blog... but, right now,i'm enjoying my long holiday,so i have many time for updating my blog,and i wanna share my holidays with you,guys :D ...................... taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Let the pictures speak then :D

burger king ,@PVJ

@ciwalk with friends,in this photo, my silly face detected ><

hot spicy chicken ramen,nyummy :9 @ciwalk,forgot the cafe's name ><

Merry Christmas 2012 everyone
BBQ time to celebrate of passing final exams

                      i think its enough for today's post,i'm too sleepy and tired right now,sorry :(
 just wait for another pictures about my holiday story ,ok,good night everyone  

with smile :)

Sylvia Presley 

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