June 24, 2012

A Quality Time

Posted by Sylvia Presley at 9:53 AM

- Quality Time with my little sister n brother -
 i spent my day with my lil sis n bro . we got a lot fun . by learned n played together
and it was a quality time for me :(
(three weeks to go) really can't face it x_X

 yesterday,my sister got the 3rd rank in her school. i felt very happy n proud with her.

      congratulation for you : Jennifer Connery *bighug*

so,she treats us to lunch @KFC . (us:me n my brother)
but we did'nt take any picture at there -_-"

and at noon we took some pictures @Megaland . let's see the pictures below :

i like this one,editing by myself :p
all pictures were taken by myself :) hihihi,,wanna enhance my hobby of photography too XD~

at last,we spent our time to learn n play a piano..and the teacher was my sister.hahaha.
she taught us some of piano lesson,but I can't play it well but my brother can.
*too old to learn it >_<* uhmm..how lucky we are that have a sister like her ^_^

hmm..gonna miss this day..
spent a time with family was the best quality time that i ever got :))

happy weekend friends :)

June 3, 2012

5 little things that can melt a girl's heart

Posted by Sylvia Presley at 8:16 AM

♥ 1 ♥ a bouquet flowers
♥ 2 ♥ a cupcake
♥ 3 ♥ a box of chocolate
♥ 4 ♥ a lot of candies
♥ 5 ♥ a cup of coffee Latte
it's only my version guys ! thanks for visiting ;) xixixi ♥

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