March 31, 2012

new month *APRIL*

Posted by Sylvia Presley at 10:19 AM
hello guys...
are u still OK? ;)

when i was writing this's about 15minutes left turning into new month :APRIL..
first April,,lets start the day with a joke (hihiihi).#thinking

busy for a long time (sorry) ,so i didnt have enough time to post something new in my blog.. too many stories that i wanna share with u friends,,but in this time ,i'm still busy..
uhmm,, wait my story in the middle of April.. '___' ..*maybe*

we(lovely_family) celebrated Silvia's birthday party @A+ ..such a wonderfull day tat we could spent our time together.. sad to remember that i'll say goodbye my hometown n friends #countdown 106days.. x_X

i was happy too,i still can joined a family gatherings this year,,i love my family much muchh muchh,,,especially my mommy and daddy...thanks for everything*hug

uhmm..i think i must recharge my energy. (tired .__.)
see u in the next post ..
keep smiling in this new month guys..wishing all de best *pray*

sincerely heart,

Sylvia Presley ♥

March 5, 2012

14 Guidance of Human Life

Posted by Sylvia Presley at 3:35 AM
1. Life's greatest enemy is ourself

2. Life's greatest failure is arrogant

3. Life's greatest ignorance is dupe

4. Life's greatest sorrow is jealously

5. Life's greatest erroneous is self-abandon

6. Life's greatest sin is to deceive oneself

7. Life's greatest pitiable disposotion is self-abased

8. Life's greatest admiration is choice of advancing

9. Life's greatest insolvent is despair

10. Life's greatest wealth is healthiness

11. Life's greatest liabilities is a debt of human sympathy

12. Life's greatest gift is forgiveness

13. Life's greatest imperfection is melancholy wisdom

14. Life's greatest grafication is alms

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