January 5, 2012

Pictures Collection ♥

Posted by Sylvia Presley at 7:32 AM
hello friends....

i think everybody has a collection ,ex:dolls collection,stamps collection ,miniatures collection ,etc ..
opss..maybe some pictures collection too..hoho
do u hav any collection too ?

i have many collection..
and now,i wanna share some pictures collection..
wanna see my Danbo's pictures collection ?
just see these pictures bellow...hope u enjoy it ! :)

is riding a motorcycle

with colorful balloons

is playing Engklek

with it's basketball

is playing on the swing

is reading a book

Danbo's Family

is playing a piano

Danbo loves photography

is playing football

is playing a Monopoli Game

Danbo wanna back to school

Danbo wanna says "I LOVE YOU"

Danbo want that Iphone

Christmas Style

broken heart

Danbo wanna be a Cinderella

Danbo with purple ribbon

is stressing out

become a devil

is capturing an object

so high in there

is listening to music

wow..it's love shape..look nice!

"Cause You're Amazing Just The Way You Are"

is drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola

Danbo says : "SMILE"

at the airport,take a vacation.

is playing a guitar

is playing a cube

wanna eat these cupcakes

after calling it's friend

is eating creamy ice-cream

being nerd*

wanna give a heart to someone special ♥♥♥

that's all my Danbo's Pictures Collection ,cute ahh ♥ .
my favorite picture in my Danbo's collection is Danbo wanna be a Cinderella ♥ .cute,right ? like a princess,,hahaha

which is your favorite one ? xi xi xi ~

wanna know why i choose DANBO ?
ok,i'll tell you .. Danbo is my favorite..it's simple,cute ,and i'm interesting in it..so in this time ,i choose Danbo as my pictures collection..
next time,i'll share my another collection.. just wait for it..
♥ ♥ ♥


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for sharing your collections.. with the help of your pictures i completed my story, http://danbotheuntoldstories.blogspot.in/

Sylvia Presley said...

your welcome... i'm happy can help others :)
keep writing and thanks for visiting my blog :)

Anonymous said...

great ! i'm so amazed

Sylvia Presley said...

thank you. :)

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