January 23, 2012

Celebrating The Chinese New Year 2563

Posted by Sylvia Presley at 7:42 AM
hello all...
新春佳節祝大家龍年大吉大利 !
Happy Chinese New Year 2563 :)

i'm Chinese ,so i'm celebrating Chinese New Year too...

this year is dragon year.The Dragon,is a symbol of Supreme Power that brings you prosperity and good fortune.

i'm very happy because i can still spend my chinese new year with my big family..especially with mommy and daddy,,, *love*

maybe next year ,it can't happen like this year anymore,hmm...

but i hope i'll can still spend it with my family every year,,, :)

today is interesting ,,i spent my day with my family,,by visited our family ,get red pockets(old tradition),fireworks,and Barongsai Attraction..
how many red pockets did you get today ??
don't forget mine :p

very nice today,,,but very tired too......#need rest!!!
i just spent half of my day in Medan yesterday,and today i'm celebrating Chinese New Year in my hometown, but tomorrow i'll spend all my day in Medan againn,,,,i'll go to Medan at 5.00 am.........
do you feel dizzy about this ?haha,,,
i'm enjoying all of this :]
only once in a year!
i'd taken some pictures..i'll share it later,, asap!
uhm.. i think i must take a rest now... i wanna laying in my bed!uh..(really tired)
good bye ...see u again!
night all *smoochhh c:

January 14, 2012

Motivational Seminar by : Mr.Krishnamurti

Posted by Sylvia Presley at 6:02 AM
hello boys and girls...
how are you today ?are you fine? :)

i'm kinda busy during this week,,especially for today,,a hectic day. -_____-

uhm...today is a hectic day but also an excited day ..LOL..
we're joined a motivational seminar in our school this morning...and we used our physic's lesson time,,(physic-difficult and not interested for me) haha..
we're very happy to know that,,#rare moment...hahaha
because our teacher always on time to start his lesson.. huhh.

okey..let's we start..
i was joined a motivational seminar by Mr.Krishnamurti (sponsored by Pmci_Campus)thanks to Pmci..hohoho
Mr.Krishnamurti is a mindset motivator,, self hypnosis to be millionaire. he said it's the first time he visited Pematangsiantar(my hometown)..glad to see you Mr.Krish :]

Mr.Krish gave us a motivation that how to control ourself..got a focus about something ,and he said our attitude is the key of sucsess ..i think he's a good motivator..

hi friends...sorry to delay my posting,
hmm,kinda busy during this week...(prepare for Chinesse New Year :p)
do u prepare it too ?? :]

hm.,,lets we continue my post.k ?
i bought his book too..Mr.Krish said that he just finished his book in an hour >.< here are some pictures..(half only) hm,, i'll post another pictures later(maybe next week..sorry friends..)

title : Jadilah Malaikat Kehidupan

title : Tundukkan Setan Pikiranmu

one book w/ two titles

be an angel in my life :)

got Mr.Krish's Sign ..haha

souvenirs from Pmci..thx :)

"Anything is Possible if You Really Want To"

Mr.Krishnamurti's sign

it's mine :D

January 5, 2012

Pictures Collection ♥

Posted by Sylvia Presley at 7:32 AM
hello friends....

i think everybody has a collection ,ex:dolls collection,stamps collection ,miniatures collection ,etc ..
opss..maybe some pictures collection too..hoho
do u hav any collection too ?

i have many collection..
and now,i wanna share some pictures collection..
wanna see my Danbo's pictures collection ?
just see these pictures bellow...hope u enjoy it ! :)

is riding a motorcycle

with colorful balloons

is playing Engklek

with it's basketball

is playing on the swing

is reading a book

Danbo's Family

is playing a piano

Danbo loves photography

is playing football

is playing a Monopoli Game

Danbo wanna back to school

Danbo wanna says "I LOVE YOU"

Danbo want that Iphone

Christmas Style

broken heart

Danbo wanna be a Cinderella

Danbo with purple ribbon

is stressing out

become a devil

is capturing an object

so high in there

is listening to music

wow..it's love shape..look nice!

"Cause You're Amazing Just The Way You Are"

is drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola

Danbo says : "SMILE"

at the airport,take a vacation.

is playing a guitar

is playing a cube

wanna eat these cupcakes

after calling it's friend

is eating creamy ice-cream

being nerd*

wanna give a heart to someone special ♥♥♥

that's all my Danbo's Pictures Collection ,cute ahh ♥ .
my favorite picture in my Danbo's collection is Danbo wanna be a Cinderella ♥ .cute,right ? like a princess,,hahaha

which is your favorite one ? xi xi xi ~

wanna know why i choose DANBO ?
ok,i'll tell you .. Danbo is my favorite..it's simple,cute ,and i'm interesting in it..so in this time ,i choose Danbo as my pictures collection..
next time,i'll share my another collection.. just wait for it..
♥ ♥ ♥

January 3, 2012

3rd day of 2012

Posted by Sylvia Presley at 8:21 AM
hello guys.. what miracles happened on you today ? :) want to share with me ? :)
but ,i want to share my story first :p ,,wait for yours ! xi xi .

the third day of 2012 ,i spent my day with my friends at Lim's Cafe...
first sight of Lim's cafe was nice!we took a full-ac room at the 2nd floor..the decoration was very nice,,i like it so much ♥ ~ expecially the lights ♥♥♥ hoho

as usual,we didn't forget to take some pictures !LOL ..
here are some kinds of food we enjoyed at the cafe! you too,should try them [:

start from our favorite drink : Choco Jelly ♥

..Chicken Pok-Pok..delicous♥♥♥..must try it :)

.Mie Cah Kangkung Belacan.

.Pattaya Fried Rice.

.French Fries. nyummyyy ♥

.Toast. umm..♥

.Crispy Crunch. yumm..yumm...myyy ♥ ..slurrph..

we were eatin' some french fries .wanna some ?

aaaaaaaa...look natural girls *eyelashes

look here..and say cheez ! [:

after finished enjoying the food!as usual,took some photoes!

i love that lamps much ♥♥ ,the decoration was nice,,wasn't it ?

what do you think about my third day and Lim's cafe ?
leave your comment.xixi .wait for it ^^

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